Aid Stations

Aid stations will have water or sports drink, or a combination of both.   Some aid stations may have fuel gels or similar items.  Please plan your nutrition ahead of time, and if you require any special needs please let the organizers know in advance.
SWIM – Participants will pass 1 aid station between the swim exit and the transition area.
BIKE – There will be one aid station on the bike course around the half way point of the Olympic distance course .  There is also one when coming into transition from the swim and one when leaving the transition on the run.  Please carry enough fluids to last your full distance on the bike.  One standard water bottle should be enough for most people for the Sprint, two for the Olympic distance.
RUN – Participants will pass 3-4 aid stations on the run course.  One will be immediately after exiting the transition area.
You need to drink lots of fluids and eat!   You must eat to keep from becoming sodium deficient.  Sports drinks will definitely help with this versus water, but you still need to eat!  We also highly recommend you take some Endurolytes before the race and periodically throughout the race.  This will keep your electrolyte levels in check and prevent cramping.
5k/10k Fun Run/Walk:
Aid stations will be located along the course at reasonable intervals for both the 5k and 10k courses.