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The 2013 Great Abaco Family Fitness Weekend is proud to work with the following organizations:

Friends of the Environment

Friends of the Environment works to protect and preserve Abaco’s environment for future generations. FRIENDS’ programs work with local communities to educate them about the interdependence of the land and sea ecosystems around them.School programs, crawfish conservation campaign, moorings on reefs, recycling, summer camps, Lionfish derbies, and invasive plant education are just some of the work FRIENDS is doing to build a sense of pride in the natural heritage of The Bahamas. For more information please visit

Rotary Club of Abaco

The Rotary Club of Abaco began in 1971 under the leadership of Lindsay Scott, who was the Founding Father and it’s charter president. A native Canadian, Lindsay not only was instrumental in helping Rotary develop, he founded the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, Regatta Time in Abaco and published “Abaco Life.’ Since it was chartered the Rotary Club of Abaco has provided equipment for the Marsh Harbour Fire Department, a two-way radio for the Hole in the Wall light station, housing for the aged, help for the disabled, a basketball court for youth, house repairs for the indigent, a Farmer’s Market, workshop and home economics equipment for Abaco Central High School, books and library facilities for schools, community clean-ups, art and crafts shows, school speech contests, horticultural shows, road races, annual Christmas parcels for the needy, senior citizen parties, disaster relief for local, national and international causes. There have been motorboat races, awards to outstanding citizens, hearing tests for Abaco students, contributions to Rotary International’s Polio Plus, financial assistance to students, environmental conservation projects, contributions to the Rotary Emergency Evacuation Fund, student exchange assistance to other local charitable and/or community organizations and more.